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The availability of top digital cameras to the general consumer has led many recent brides and grooms into thinking about trying to slash their wedding photography budget by putting Uncle Bob behind the lens.

Despite the fact that the technology may be there in the equipment being used, it doesn’t necessarily ensure the best quality wedding photos will be the result with a photographer that lacks the knowledge, experience, and training of a true professional. In other words, you need someone that really knows how to maximize what today’s cameras can do.

Moving beyond the actual use of the camera at your wedding, there is so much more a professional photographer brings to capturing the memories of the most important day of your life. Through meeting with you and your groom and getting to know the two of you and the vision you have for your wedding and your wedding photos, he or she conceptualizes how they will approach capturing your wedding day. The plan they formulate, from the equipment to the techniques used to capture the images, to the way the photos will be edited will have a profound effect on the final product displayed in your wedding album. In terms of additional equipment, a professional photographer will also employ the use of canvas backgrounds and portraiture lighting for your wedding day images. Most amateur photographers have very little experience with lighting and shooting technique to really get the shots you’ll treasure in the years to come.

Most photographers work with all the elements of your wedding photography, often in a package. A couple that looks to have a friend or relative photograph the wedding in order to get their photography budget down to size may actually end up spending more money in dealing with the costs associated with the production and editing of the photographs. The same philosophy about expertise also goes for the editing process—even if your family photographer has Photoshop, he or she probably can’t get the most out of it as a professional will, as they have vast experience with its capabilities. Most photographers will color correct and touch-up photos before they appear in your album. Many of today’s photographers will also maintain a website for your “online” wedding album. This ensures the images are properly displayed, and offers the ability for you or guests to purchase images online, saving you lots of time and effort when it comes to prints and re-prints.

There is also the most important element of opportunity that plays into using a professional photographer for your wedding. Other than portraiture, which can be done or re-done before or after the wedding day, there is truly only one chance to capture your wedding day—and that is on your wedding day. Allowing anyone other than a professional to handle that level of responsibility is probably more risk than you can afford to take with the special memories you’ll want to have captured on your wedding day. Spending your photography budget the right way, with a true professional, will insure you’ll get wedding photos you’ll treasure for all your married life together.

Source -Wedding Guide Publication magazine

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